A story that will make Kotohira sightseeing even more fun!



What is the stand-up theater MICHIKUSA?

"Michikusa" is a stand-up theater in Konpira-cho that features a roughly 10-minute play written around the themes of the town's history and tourist attractions.
The play is performed by a duo of Tengu and Karasu Tengu, and during the performance, the play is projected on a monitor attached to the cart pulled by the Tengu in English, Chinese, and Taiwanese. Watching this play will allow you to enjoy the tourism of Konpira-cho even more.
Please visit the tourist attractions that appear in the play.

Ways to enjoy


Go to the places that appear in the play! Various tourist attractions in Konpira-cho appear in the play.
If you go to the tourist attractions after watching the play, you can enjoy them even more.
*The play is fiction and has no relation to actual people or organizations.

Ways to enjoy


If you enjoyed it, support them with a tip! Tipping is familiar with the internet distribution and street performances, but if you enjoyed the play, please support them with a tip.
It will be a motivation for their future activities!

Ways to enjoy


Take a picture with the Tengu and post it on SNS! Tengu is a legendary creature said to be a god or monster that appears in Japanese folklore.
Goken-gu Shrine of Kotohira-gu Shrine is generally called Oku-sha and is a shrine dedicated to Izutama Hiko no Mikoto.
If you climb up to the Oku-sha (Goken-gu Shrine), which is located at the farthest point after climbing 1368 steps, you can see carvings of Tengu and Karasu Tengu above the cliff.
Also, there is a “Tengu Omamori” that can only be obtained at Oku-sha. Please get it.


List of plays

The Tengu and "Osagari"
Written by Tetsuya SekidoTheme:annual festival
"Tengu's Osagari” is based on the annual festival of Konpira-san.
I'm from Nagoya, but the more I researched, the more I felt the generosity of Konpira-san, so I made a story where Tengu plays around like a prankster.
I hope you can feel the fun and deep feeling that I felt even a little bit.
Shinto Buddha Amigos ~ chief priest of shrine and Monk~
Written by Takahiro OkadaTheme:Five Farmers I wrote it on the theme of "Five Farmers"
Although I know that they are selling Kamiyo candy, it is not well known what kind of role they originally had.
I hope that those who know this work will also visit the shops of the five farmers.
The Udon Noodle Maker and Crocodilian Customer
Written by Aiue OiriTheme:Udon Noodle
A crocodile who claims to be the god of Kotohira appears at a udon shop in Kotohira!?
The crocodile orders udon with a strong texture that can be chewed, showing off its jagged teeth.
A slapstick comedy based on the theme of Sanuki udon.
Oshizu and Kichizo
Written by Hirokazu MatsushimaTheme:Kanamaru-za and red-light district
A group of traveling performers arrived at Kanamaru-za.
A young man is so curious about the yukaku he saw on the way.
The story that the old woman who tied her hair tells to such a newcomer is the story of "Yugiri", a geisha of Asahiro of the yukaku of Konpira-san.
One night, when Yugiri went up to the parlor, there was the figure of the former master Yoshikura…
The Tengu's Abode
Written by Hodaka KawaiTheme:Takatōrō
A great Tengu who is said to live on Mt. Kotohira.
He has been watching over the town of Kotohira from the top of the mountain for hundreds of years.
However, the Tengu has also aged considerably, and mountain life has become a bit difficult.
Finally, it has become cold recently, and it is said that he has moved to a new house.
What is the new home that Tengu found?
First To Call Wins, First To Forget Wins
Written by Koichiro MaeshimaTheme:Konpira Dog
Dogs that were sent to Kotohira-gu Shrine from Edo and other places were called "Konpira dogs".
It's a custom that's hard to believe in modern times.
However, is it because dogs have such a great memory that they can return safely from such a long journey?
It's a story of fate brought by "Oi!", a Konpira dog named after being called only that name on a trip.
Takasugi Shinsaku Strolling the Streets Of Kotohira After Being Reborn in the 21st Century
Written by Yusuke MaruyamaTheme:Enseki Kusanagi
One day, suddenly, memories of my past life came flooding back! What?! Me?! Shinsaku Takasugi?!
Wait, what's going on?!
And so, I decided to travel around to various places where my benefactors were, starting with the grave of my teacher, Yoshida Shoin!
Today, I visited Kotohira town!
What?! Could it be?!
A fateful encounter?!
I hope this helps!
The Unusual Station Master of Sayabashi Ukihashi Platform 0
Written by Erika TamaiTheme:Zaya Bridge
Zaya Bridge is a rare floating bridge with a roof shaped like a sword scabbard that spans the Kinokura River flowing through the center of Kotohira-cho.
Usually, it cannot be crossed, and it is only used to carry the portable shrine during the Reitaisai on October 10th.
Ishimatsu of the Forest
Written by Shuji FukudaTheme:Ishimatsu of the Forest
Mori no Ishimatsu is famous as a chivalrous man who worked as Shimizu Jirocho's henchman in the late Edo period, but it is said that he participated in the Konpira-gu Shrine on the orders of Shimizu Jirocho.
Also, Ishimatsu manju, which depicts Mori no Ishimatsu, is one of the specialties of Kotohira.